Senate Censures Failed Minister for Aged Care

03 September 2020

Richard Colbeck has lost the confidence of the Australian people and now he’s lost the confidence of the Senate.

Today the Senate censured the Minister for Aged Care with the support of every crossbencher.

This Minister has been warned repeatedly, he’s ignored the warnings and failed to act.


The only decent thing left for Richard Colbeck to do is resign as the Minister for Aged Care.

If he refuses to resign the Prime Minister must sack him. This is a test of Scott Morrison’s leadership.

The protection racket for the failed Minister must end.

Older Australians deserve far better than a second-rate Minister who has tragically failed in his most basic duty to keep them safe.

Even today we see more horrendous evidence of our nation’s broken aged care system: more than 50,000 incidences of assault and abuse in aged care across the country are going unreported each year.

Day after day the evidence mounts of serious neglect in aged care homes and every day all we see from the Morrison Government is running away, passing the buck and not accepting responsibility for their own failures.

Neglect. That’s the legacy of this Government when it comes to aged care.

Labor acknowledges crossbench senators for their effort to hold this Minister to account.


Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra.