Abbott Wrong on NBN Figures in the Budget

17 May 2011

Tony Abbott has today again demonstrated his fundamental lack of understanding about the National Broadband Network figures contained in the 2011-12 Budget.
Mr Abbott today told ABC radio that the investment in the NBN could be used to fund roads and other projects. This is either incompetent or deliberately deceptive.
This is the same mistake his finance spokesman, Andrew Robb, made in Question Time last week when he suggested the NBN funding be added to the Budget bottom line.
And it is the same flawed argument Mr Abbott used as he was developing his alternative flood levy savings package.
What Mr Abbott fails to understand is that the Governments $27.5 billion contribution to the NBN is an investment, on which Australians will get a return. It is not funding that can be cancelled and used for recurrent expenditure.
The NBN is the largest nation-building project in Australias history. We know it will deliver affordable, high speed broadband across this nation, providing enormous economic and social benefits.
Unfortunately Tony Abbott continues to be more focused on opposing reforms, rather than engaging in the substance of them.
Mr Abbott and his economic team would benefit from learning how the Budget works, instead of making unfounded criticisms.