Christensen Rhetoric Does Nothing to Keep Australians Safe

12 May 2021

The Member for Dawson’s overnight Facebook post stating “WAR IS COMING” is deeply irresponsible and Scott Morrison must explain how his backbencher’s behaviour is in Australia’s interest.

This is just the latest of several gratuitous interventions by members of his Government seeking to score political points by ratcheting up rhetoric - which does nothing to keep Australians safe.

George Christensen – the Chair of Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth – has form when it comes to self-serving social media posts for domestic political purposes.

How we deal with a more assertive China is the most serious foreign policy challenge facing Australia.

Australians deserve serious and sober assessments of our security challenges and how their government is addressing them, rather than immature chest-beating to grab a headline or a Facebook like.

Failure to act will leave Australians to conclude that our national security is just another vehicle for Mr Morrison’s political management.

Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra.