Speech to the Senate - Morrison’s New Promises to Cover Old Failings - Parliament House - Canberra - 25/08/2021

25 August 2021


Australians have made it clear they are angry about Mr Morrison’s failures on vaccines and quarantine.

Mr Morrison knows his old pitches have fallen flat.

So now he’s promising to deliver on an Australia without restrictions.

Never mind the failures to deliver on all his old promises.

He already previously promised a COVID normal Christmas – last Christmas, and he’s failed to deliver on his promises that:

  • Australians would be at the front of the vaccine queue;
  • All aged care workers and residents - and all Australians with a disability and disability care workers - would be vaccinated by Easter;
  • Four million Australians would be vaccinated by the end of March;
  • Everyone over 70 would be vaccinated by the start of winter; and
  • All Australians would be vaccinated by October.

He’s failed to deliver on all these old promises, so now he’s just making new ones.

And if people have the nerve to question how he is going to deliver his new promises, he just attacks them!

Tells them they’re the problem!

He mocks people for being in the cave, without admitting he’s the reason they’re in it.

He’s more interested in political attacks than talking about how we get out of this safely:

  • Contact tracing that can keep up;
  • Vaccinating vulnerable communities – older Australians, those living with a disability, First Nations Australians; and
  • A plan to protect our children.

He failed to do his job and now Mr Morrison’s lockdowns are bringing us all down.

Even if we’re not in lockdown, we can’t see loved ones who are.

The last thing we all need is more promises.

Mr Morrison is the one who got Australia into this mess.

He’s not the one to get us out of it.

Authorised by Paul Erickson, ALP, Canberra.